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The Top 10 Most Asked Questions About Morocco

Is Morocco safe?

According to, the United States has 42 times more crime than Morocco. Morocco relies on tourism for its economy. Tourists’ safety is a big deal for the local police and Moroccan authorities. Dress modestly, respect the customs and culture of your hosts, and your journey will be trouble-free.

What language do they speak in Morocco?

These symbols are called Tifnagh, the Alphabet of Tamazight aka Berber. Moroccans speak Tamazight, Darija/a Pidgin language that has Arabic, Tamazight, French, and Spanish words. Most Arab countries have a hard time understanding this Moroccan version of Arabic. Educated people speak and understand French, it still is the language of some administrations and universities. English is gaining more popularity among the young generations and Moroccans are speaking it more. Learning a few phrases in Tamazight or Darija goes a long way and is highly respected by Moroccans.

What are the fashion trends in Morocco?

Moroccan Fashion is a mix of traditional clothing with modern looks.  Street-Style of Morocco has become a hybrid of internet trends and traditional style.  This look has even made it to international fashion runway’s such as Gucci and Vogue. The clothing for men and women  consists of long flowing robes with hoods or headscarves and traditional slippers. Made out of bright colors and luxurious fabrics, these  costumes have been cultivated since the ancient times of Moroccan history, and still are a part of the living tradition of the country today.

In cities like Marrakesh, Rabat and Essaouira you will see a blend of Western and traditional dress. As a tourist enjoy the opportunity to wear a Kaftan or a Djelaba. Do not misinterpret Moroccan modesty for lack of fashion and dress up. Wear color, flowing fabrics and vibrant prints. Pick out beautiful fabric and have something tailor-made. Bring your favorite scarf to protect you from the heat or sand.  Men, know that long pants are most common but shorts are accepted. Do consider the length and your posture, especially when sitting. Men, if you go to the desert search for a loose Gandoura called the Deraia and women find the Melhfa which is a popular dress worn by the Sahrawi women of the south. Then by camel or by foot you will be transported in time and protected from the sun, wind and sand.

Credit cards and exchanging money in Morocco ?

Credit card companies generally give you a fair exchange rate, and they also give you some insurance and recourse should you encounter an unethical vendor. Use your credit card for all large purchases.
Call your credit card company before you leave and tell them about your trip. Failure to do so could result in your card being frozen while you are traveling.
You can use your credit card for hotel charges, and for purchases from large restaurants and stores, but most small shops will not accept credit cards. For those, you will need cash.
You can take some cash with you and exchange it upon arrival. The easiest and most convenient way to get cash is through ATM’s. There are ATM’s in every Moroccan town of any significance. Maximum withdrawals are $200.00 a day.
Travel with crisp new bills. Order them from your bank. You will not be able to exchange worn, written on, or torn American dollars.
We do not recommend travelers’ checks.

How to avoid getting sick in Morocco?

Morocco is a malaria-free country and no vaccinations are required to enter the country. Tap water is safe for locals, but often not for tourists. We recommend that you bring a Steri-Pen with you to filter your own water, or purchase bottled water. Avoid eating uncooked vegetables or fruit that have not been washed with filtered water. When purchasing fresh juices from local vendors, ask them to squeeze it fresh in front of you. Ask them to use bottled water only. Be cautious when eating street food.

 What  Riad’s in Morocco?

Within the walls of the ancient Medina  you will find Moroccan Riads.  These bright airy guesthouses are quintessentially Morocco. A Riad in Arabic is a garden. It is the traditional Moroccan house in cities like Fes, Marrakesh, Meknes, and Rabat. It is usually two or more storeys around an Andalusian style courtyard with a fountain in the middle. Riads were inhabited by the wealthiest citizens, merchants, and dignitaries. With the booming of tourism, they were later converted into bed and breakfasts or restaurants. Entering one of these Riads transports you back in time. The architecture is Amazigh (Berber) and Moorish with walls adorned with plaster and zellige tiles, usually with Arabic calligraphy of poetry or verses from the Qur’an

Vegetarian, vegan, food allergies in Morocco?

In the past 10 years Moroccans have come to realize that certain people have allergies to certain foods. Learning how to say what you cannot eat in Tamazight, Darija, or French helps a great deal. When you travel with MyMorocco Tours, we  organize our menus, work with our chefs and will communicate with the restaurants to insure you are not exposed to anything you are allergic to.


I have an allergy












Darija/ Tamazight

A’ndi / Dari hassassiya

Dgig/ Agurn or Awurn

lahleeb/ Akfay

L’hoot/ Islman

Lkhobz/ Aghroum

Llhem/ Tifiya



L’beed/ Tiglay


Mushtaqqat Alhaleeb

There isn’t a specific word for nuts. Walnuts are Garga’a. Peanuts are Cowcow. Almonds are LLouz.


Je suis allergique






agneau, mouton




Produits laitiers


WiFi, mobile and cellphones in Morocco?

If you own an unlocked cellphone, you can buy a SIM card in Morocco and use it by purchasing minutes and data. You will get approached by different agents from different Moroccan carriers upon your arrival at the airport. Phone calls from Morocco to the US are cheaper than vice versa. By using Whats app and Messenger you can call over WiFi for free. Most hotels and Riads offer wireless internet access. You can also get access at cafes and restaurants.

Airlines to Morocco?

Most people fly via Europe through Paris, Madrid, London, Frankfurt, or Lisbon. There is a direct flight from New York to Casablanca using Royal Air Maroc. If you book ahead of time, you will get fair deals. Major airports to fly into are Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakesh. Fares from the US to Europe are getting cheaper. We recommend that you buy 2 separate tickets, one from the US to Europe and one from Europe to Morocco.

Traveling with kids in Morocco?

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Traveling with children in Morocco can be a wonderful experience with the right planning. Children are included in all social aspects.  Staying in small riads will give children the opportunity to roam safely  around the hotel grounds.  Visiting cities like Ouarzazate will offer calm open courtyards for you to walk with other families and engage with other children.