I’ve traveled to 33 countries, and this tour (Apr 2013) was one of the best experiences I have had. First, the tour leaders, Mohamed and Misty, are two of the nicest people you are likely to meet. Second, this tour is designed with a very different philosophy than many group tours,which are oriented around tourist shopping. A Taste of Morocco is just what the name implies: a sampling of the surprising range of experiences this country has to offer. I found it eyeopening. This tour gets you out of the big cities, exploring this enormously varied countryside. Like California, Morocco has seacoast on the west, a fertile agricultural middle, and high mountains in the east, with the Sahara desert nestled along the eastern border. You get to see a lot, and it is beautiful. And exotic, which, after all, is one of the main reasons you are traveling. But the biggest reason this tour is unique is that Mohamed was born and raised there, so he is able to show you faces of the country that a solo tourist would just never be able to see. Private doors open for him, and he introduces you to people who are not in the tourist business—his friends, his family, people he has met in his varied career. One key is that he is fluent in five languages: English, French, Moroccan Arabic (derija), classical Arabic, and Berber. All of these languages are in use in Morocco, and guides who don’t have all of them are simply missing a part of the experience. By the way, Mohamed is a U.S. citizen and works part time as a language and cultural expert for the government. He knows Morocco like the back of his hand and his English is perfect, and in talking with him, you get the feeling that he lived his whole life in California. His wife Misty is an American, who has absorbed a lot of the language and culture from many trips. But the most important thing I can say about them is that they are genuinely charming. They are fun to be around. They make the trip so much more than just a series of hotels and shops. Finally, the logistics of this trip are excellent. We had a small bus with a driver dedicated to us the whole way, available to use any time we needed a ride. We stayed in nice hotels, and ate very well. The pace was right, with time to explore, or take photos, or shop. Oh, and I almost forgot. The Moroccan people were a surprise for me. They were extremely hospitable and welcoming—not what I expected. I came away impressed. Although maybe that was partly due to the fact that Mohamed and Misty have created a truly unique tour that let us see the best side of this remarkable place.

Patrick Sullivan

Wow! I thought 1 trip to Morocco would be enough. But then I needed a second to help Mohamed & Misty improve on the first.

And then there was the third to really enjoy a perfect introduction to this friendly North African country so full of variety. I can think of no one better to guide you through the deserts, Imperial cities, Roman ruins, kasbahs and seaside escapes of Morocco than Mohamed & Misty. Go soon!- Dennis St. Peter, tour organizer to Switzerland and Argentina for over 20years.

My trip to Morocco was one of the best surprises of my life. Never did I imagine how interesting and beautiful that country was going to be. It couldn’t have been put together any better thanks to Misty , Mohamed and his family!- Bev Tallarico

Everything was planned out perfectly. My mom and I had such a great time. We enjoyed every part of the tour. It was so great to go with people who know the country and the language. I have been all over the world and traveled on my own but going with a group was a really great way to see Morocco. I had the best time ever and I highly recommend going, I’d even go again -Sue Tallarico