Cuisine, Tajine and Couscous

With the abundance of produce, Moroccan cuisine has different colors and flavors. Nobody should be limiting themselves to tajine and couscous, which are the staple dishes of the country. While in Marrakesh, pay a visit to our favorite Sushi restaurant KATSURA, or if you are in Essaouira, try out Italian food cooked by the nicest Moroccan women at Baladin. Stick to the traditional dishes when in the countryside and explore in the cities.

Agriculture in Morocco employs over 40% of the nation’s workforce. It is the largest employer in the country. In the rainy sections of the northwest, barley, wheat, and other cereals can be raised without irrigation. On the Atlantic coast, where there are extensive plains, olives, citrus fruits, and wine grapes are grown, largely with water supplied by artesian wells. Morocco also produces a significant amount of hashish, much of which is shipped to Europe. Livestock are raised and forests yield cork, cabinet wood, and building materials. Part of the maritime population fishes for its livelihood. Bordering two coasts, Morocco has a large variety of fish to offer.




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