Have you always wanted to experience the true Kingdom of Morocco in all its colorful glory? I'm Misty, I live in beautiful Santa Cruz, California and along with my husband Mohamed we have been introducing people to Morocco, helping them explore this incredible country. Through My Morocco Travel we have been guiding small intimate tours through this magical part of the world for almost 15 years. I'm a dancer and my husband Mohamed is a world renowned musician who has celebrated the music of North Africa since childhood and together, each year we share our love of the beauty of the Kingdom of Morocco with people from all over the world.

We started My Morocco Travel to provide individuals with an immersive experience that will begin a never-ending love affair with this jewel in North Africa’s crown. From the Kasbahs, to the Souks, to colorful streets, from the Atlas Mountains to the shores. We will take you on an adventure that will stay forever in your memory and elevate your senses to unimagined delights. We may even take you for a ride on a camel in the desert.

Morocco is a nation of complex textures and traditions. Come with us to explore Morocco's deep history and see Morocco through the eyes of its people and the Kingdom in a way that will stay with you forever. Witness the rural life that few rarely see. Be amazed by the variety of music in towns that date back to antiquity. Come join us on a fantastic and personal journey.

When it comes to your personal needs, your requirements are at the center of our commitment to you. We work directly with restaurants, transportation professionals, hotels and chefs and everyone along your journey to ensure that everything is the way you want it.

Your well-being is always of the upmost importance to us! Mohamed's Moroccan roots and family have ensured our long-term and sustainable relationships with local businesses, merchants, artists and cultural ambassadors affording you an intimate and insider experience with Morocco

See Morocco through the eyes of its people and experience the Kingdom in a way that will stay with you forever. We will show you the Morocco you’ve always imagined and the Morocco you never knew existed.

This is why MMT has been including local populations in its dynamics for 10 years and offers tourists a total immersion in the daily life of the local people. These tourists live a family experience, guided by a couple in love with Morocco. Alongside this couple, a team of professionals in the likes of Lahcen.

This humble, helpful and rigorous man is always attentive to the slightest needs of CMM customers. His authenticity and his deep knowledge of Morocco make tours a convivial adventure. In a decade, MMT has also forged a special identity; that of a family business with many values such as respect for the environment. This is how the agency has set itself a travel ethic based on sustainable development, notably by banning the use of plastic bottles and other polluting objects.

The accommodation and catering establishments proposed in each of our tours also have an eco-responsible behavior, offer organic food and above all share our vision of the world!

Misty and Mohamed

Visit the Morocco we love