Ourzazate, where is it at?

It’s where it’s at!

If you ask anybody what Ouarzazate means, they might say Ouar in Tamazight ,aka Berber, means without and Zazate means noise. Ouarzazate then becomes noiseless, which is so true about the town. It is calm geographically and humanly. Another version of the meaning of the word Ouarzazate suggests priceless, which is also true about the city. It is precious to its people and becomes priceless to its visitors.

Ouarzazate is famous for historical adobe and pisé Casbahs. It is home of one of the largest solar plants in the world. Its landscape and quality of light favored it to be Morocco’s Hollywood. Many renowned international picture films were filmed here. Lawrence of Arabia, Babel, Game of Thrones are a few of a long list of movies hosted by the town.

A welcoming place that will easily feel like home. It has endless blue skies contrasting green trees. It is a pleasure for the eyes. Its inhabitants are kind and well respected throughout the country.

The Kasbahs, some of which centuries old, are a photographer’s dream.



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