Moroccan Fashion is a mix of traditional clothing with modern looks.

Street-style of Morocco has become a hybrid of internet trends and traditional styles.

This look has even made it to the international fashion runways such as Gucci and Vogue. The clothing for men and women consists of long flowing robes with hoods or headscarves and traditional slippers. Made out of bright colors and luxurious fabrics, these costumes have been cultivated since the ancient times of Moroccan history, and still are a part of the living tradition of the country today.

In cities like Marrakesh, Rabat and Essaouira you will see a blend of Western and traditional dress. As a tourist enjoy the opportunity to wear a Kaftan or a Djelaba. Do not misinterpret Moroccan modesty for lack of fashion and dress up. Wear color, flowing fabrics and vibrant prints. Pick out beautiful fabric and have something tailor-made. Bring your favorite scarf to protect you from the heat or sand.

Men, know that long pants are most common but shorts are accepted. Do consider the length and your posture, especially when sitting. Men, if you go to the desert search for a loose Gandoura called the Deraia and women find the Melhfa which is a popular dress worn by the Sahrawi women of the south.

Then by camel or by foot you will be transported in time and protected from the sun, wind and sand.



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