Avril 2021

Welcome to our Newsletter! We are happy to share with you everything Morocco. The year 2020 was marked by the coronavirus crisis.

This pandemic is still shaking the world and traveling has become a complicated act. At MMT, we have put in place various actions to ensure you have a safe and peaceful trip as soon as possible. You can learn more about our health policy by following this link.

Even if we don't propose any tour in Morocco at the moment, we want to keep you informed of the new safety measures of the country so that you can be the first to travel with us.




Currently, Morocco is the only African country that has the most vaccinated population, the cases of contaminations are decreasing every day and for several weeks the pandemic crisis is controlled by the local authorities. The use of masks has become widespread among the population and it is normal to have your temperature taken at the entrance of stores and hotels when you travel.




On December 20, 1777, the Kingdom of Morocco became the first country in the world to recognize the independence of the United States of America. That is, barely a year after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the United States by Thomas Jefferson and the Comity of Five of the Second Continental Congress.



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